Diet during loose motion and acidity

Bananas Bananas are one of the best foods to eat while suffering from loose motions. Buttermilk or sambharam is ideal for babies above 8 months and above.

Baby rusks devoid of maida can be used too. A bowl of curd with a pinch of salt and sugar can be given too. To make the arrow root powder porridge, take 1 tablespoon of powder and mix well with water so that no lumps are formed.

The components named pectin present in bananas help you with digestion and also chelate toxins as well as heavy metals from your body. Debone and offer to your toddler of 1 year and above. Istock 9. Stir the mixture on medium flame until its well-cooked.

This can be given to kids of 3 years and above only. Fatty foods: Steam or boil the bananas, mash them, add a little lemon juice and a pinch of salt and have it. Steam kerala banana till its well cooked. The floor on which baby plays and toys could be a ground for many infections.

Always make sure to offer fresh and home-made foods to babies and kids. You can also use the cooked rice water or watery gruel which is effective to stop loose stools.

5 easy home remedies to stop loose motions

The body may sense this as a problem and send more water to your gut in order to soothe. Add a pinch of salt and sugar into a glass of filtered water. Istock 4.

10 home remedies for acidity for quick relief!

Idlis being steamed are healthy and easily accepted by babies too. Lemon Take one lemon and prepare juice using warm water. What to eat in loose motion? Nutmeg or jaiphal is also effective curing loose motion.

What to Eat During Loose Motions: Mom's Advice Always Works

Wait for it to cool and then powder it. White rice unlike fiber-rich whole grains is easier to digest and makes your stool more solid. In fact, there is no harm in having more yogurt. Hope you have already read my earlier post on how to tackle loose motion in babies and kids.

You can also read on how to introduce fish to your baby.

Foods For Diarrhoea: 9 Foods To Avoid When You Have Loose Motions

Istock 7. Yogurt One of the best foods for loose motion is yogurt which has a soothing and cooling effect on your stomach.

Give this water frequently. Boiled carrot puree or carrots can be given once a day during the phase of loose motions. Pectin is present here in raw bananas too and thus are helpful in improving bowel function.

Rub a nutmeg on a grinding stone. Strain to get the thick liquid, add curd and give to your baby. While is it advisable to take in lots of water to replenish the fluids lost from the body during your frequent trips to the restroom and avoid dehydrationfruits juices are not recommended.

Alcohol can speed up digestion. Often an upset tummy in babies might cause loose motions. Istock 2.

30 Foods During Loose Motion for Babies, Toddlers and Kids

You can add a pinch of roasted powdered cumin seeds too to curb the gas. Fish during loose motions? If needed, add a pinch of salt and drink it.

Wash, peel and chop an apple.A light khichdi with moong dal can be a good option to add to your loose motion diet. It gives you the required strength and energy and is digested easily. It gives you the required strength and energy and is. You can definitely take Lemon water during loose motion.

It is the best drink to have during loose motions. You can also alter with buttermilk. It is the best drink to have during loose motions.

You can also alter with buttermilk. · Acidity occurs when there is excess secretion of acids in the gastric glands of the stomach. Here are some home remedies to cure TNN.

· Best Answer: Pregnancy can do all sorts of strange things to your body, and yes, feeling nauseous and having loose stools can be one of them (although it's more common to Status: Open. During loose motion a lot of water is required to keep hydrated.

Electrolytes are also needed. tender coconut water, rice water, ginger tea, water boiled with arrow root powder are all good. Lemon tea tend to stop loose motion, may tried when you feel the body has accomplished the task of cleaning the intestine.

All other food items are best avoided during loose motion. Acidity Here are some home remedies to cure acidity. - Skip the aerated drinks as well as the caffeine, Opt for herbal tea instead. - Have a glass of lukewarm water Dr. Ajit Kukreja.

Diet during loose motion and acidity
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